Innovative bathrooms

In my last article I wrote about gadget and how they are changing to become more energy efficient, smarter, and more compact. Today I am going to talk about bathroom appliances, and how they have changed and what interesting things I have found out that are out there.

A futuristic toilet design created by Nelson Ayala with Ana Maria Gordillo which ergonomically eliminates to sit on the toilet. This is great for public spaces. It is useful for all types of users as it is  cushioned with a foam padding to rest the knees and is also beneficial for physically challenged users as they can easily glide onto the toilet to use. It is a new, hygienic and comfortable approach in toilet design.


The current showers most of us use is very inefficient in saving water. The shower water is drained through  the system and is simply not used in any other way.

In comes  the Phyto-purification bathroom works by Jun Yasumoto. It is a shower system that turns the shower into a mini-ecosystem. Water from the shower travels to a series of rushes, reed and other plants, the plants that are known to absorb bacteria, metals and other residues. The water is additionally filtered and is recycled back into the shower system.


Tiles in the toilet which can change colour  with water application is  fun and innovative. These tiles are inspired by the  northern lights and in room temperature these tiles appear black. Very interesting and very mood enhancing. 


Another interesting feature within the shower I found is the reflective  shower head. A mirror with a shower designed not to fog when the water temperature is high. The water water fills a cavity behind the mirror’s surface heating it up to prevent condensation and thus the person showering can shave conveniently


Faucets that change colour according to the temperature of the water is also another ingenious design.  – red means hot, violet for warm and blue signifies cold. And especially being made out of glass, it gives a new, sleekness to it.


Last but not least, speaking of innovations on toilets, I have been researching on toilets and came across an interesting idea for a public toilet and wanted to share as well. It’s a pop up night bathroom , by a UK designer. These are raised from the ground level at night time and go back underground in the morning. It ‘s a wonderful idea for cleaner streets and improving the environment. 


All these new and innovative bathroom fixtures are fun, new and practical solutions to our everyday needs. Keep a look out for articles for more fun and innovative things we use everyday.

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