Glass Pt. 3: The Endless Choice

When it comes to glass, its characteristics allow it to be modified for so many uses. The design and constuction industry has been using glass for so long, yet it’s so impressive how much progress and innovation is made. 

We can find glass being used all around us; even for floors!

Looking at a simple drinking glass, you can wonder how is it that a simple clear material can be so strong! Glass floors are an innovative use of thick glass sheets that are set within a frame in a modular tiles to create the floor surface.

Talking about floors, there are always certain specifics to consider. By determining where the glass floors will be used will dictate the strength the glass must have to be able to withstand the load. Engineers will be able to calculate this, based on the area that the glass floor will need to be and design the structure to hold accordingly.

Remember, my previous’ article described the different types of safety processes glass goes through to be used for different purposes. Standard glass flooring usually involves a multi-layered laminated glass comprising of 2-3 layers of float glass and a top layer of tempered glass with a non-slip surface coat . This non-slip surface coat is a ceramic fired paint, used for its durability. Thickness of the glass pieces must be determined in a case-by-case scenario by an expert.

Glass floors do not only have a beautiful look but it has many functional uses as well. For instance, a small building with very few windows will greatly benefit from a skylight brought down through the central core. In Athens, ruins that have been found under the city have been preserved by building glass bridges over to preserve and also exhibit its beauty.

Glass within a residential context is also widely used, although for flooring, it can prove to be quite an expensive option. Regardless, to use it would greatly expand the opportunities to have very interesting floors. A person that loves having fish and aquariums can find themselves able to build a huge aquarium as an entire floor. 

Additionally, the glass floor can also serve as a showcase of the lower floor of a wine cellar or even be at a rooftop, looking down 77 stories!

Due to the flexibility and multiple uses of the glass, there have been many experimental types that have also been used in flooring. For example, there has been a great incase in implementing lights within glass to create a more ‘clean’ look.

This type of glass has been used for the top layer to create an interactive surface that would be perfect for entertainment centers or exhibition halls. EVEN, glass with imbedded line markings and allows it to transform a basketball court to a Glass is truly a fascinating material with endless uses!

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