Adaptable Accommodations

I went to buy an air conditioner and asked for a large unit, the sale person told me that they don’t big items anymore! I was puzzled for a while then I realized this trend must be due to the spread of the ridiculously condominiums housing units sold these days in Bangkok.

The impact of these condominiums has started changing people’s lifestyle. For a typical person, these units would act as their weekday ‘crash pad’ to be in the city and avoid the hectic traffic jams commuting to work.

These condominium units are equipped with most of the requirements of a house just at a much smaller scale. Since this phenomenon is here to stay, one should not despair. It is important to know there are many ways to make a small unit into a liveable space rather than just a place to return to, to sleep.

As you now know, glass is a great material that is used to expand spaces. Mirrors have an enlarging effect, as you can notice in many small restaurants. General finishes should be kept to a minimum, as the small spaces shouldn’t be overwhelmed by too much on the walls.

With a small living space, it is important to implement a style of organization with no clutter. Use simple material finishes, find creative and imaginative ways of maximizing each corner and space. The keys words here are clean, modern and functional.


The key of space saving is to turn wasted areas and corners into usable space. With an open planned apartment unit, it is important to get creative to make the most of the space.

In terms of furniture, there is a great deal of designs that already exist to facilitate solve the problem of small spaces. The simplest example would be the sofa bed. This piece of furniture greatly saves space when closed, it stays merely as a sofa and only with need does it become a flat bed.  These types of furniture can be referred to as ‘transformable furniture’.

Here a some space saving furniture:


With raised bed, there is extra space created below for storage. There is also room for a work area which has been placed beside the bed area


In the kitchen area, there are modifications that could be made to the usual design. A round design is an interesting choice, and can become a signature piece.

In general areas, a key thing for increasing space in a small unit living space would be to find or invent storage space; underneath any stairs and transforming some furniture to add functions to them.


In conclusion, home is a place that would allow you to relax, work, and rest. For this reason, you must make sure to furnish it to suit your life style! Don’t be intimidated by small spaces. As singer Fiona Apple puts it, “Home is where my habits have a habitat”

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