Pool trends

Living in a tropical country such as thailand, pools are abundant everywhere, from gardens to apartments roof top, hotels, resorts and schools.

Pools range from simple wading pools to olympic size pools. Shapes also vary with the function from regular lap pools to leisure pools with many irregular shapes and forms.

Let us look at a few trends in pools that are in “fashion” these days.



Everywhere swimming pools are shifting  from chlorine to salt water pools.

Apparently the salt water is more natural  and skin safe. But, According to wikipedia, Salt water chlorination uses dissolved salt as a store for the chlorine generator instead of directly adding chlorine. Chlorine is still present in the water, but in a lesser amount, so that it does not produce the level of irritation many people experience in a chlorine pool.


geometric pools

There was a time, when all pools in resorts were lagoon style pools, with never ending loops, under bridges water and hidden areas with lush trees.  With waterfalls and natural looking water features.They gave the user a feeling of being in Peter Pan’s  “neverland”. These days, geometric pools regular pool forms are becoming a hit.  the lagoon pool is a thing of the past, and people want what is trendy, so everywhere clean lines and long lappools are replacing the free form ones.



Pools are not for only for swimming in the day time alone. Of course, lighting has always been installed in pools, but it has been minimal. Today with LED technology has opened a new world of lighting opportunities for designers to make pools become showpieces at night.



“Hydrofloors” are vertically movable floors that can be raised to different levels and even turn the surface of the pool into a usable floor. With land scarcity this is a very useful feature. In addition This feature gives the option of choosing your depth of the pool, making it kid-safe as well.
So here are few current novelties in pools design and technology to keep in mind if installing a pool system within your residence or project.

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