Are we paying for the Chocolate or for the Package?

Chocolate…. Bittersweet, delicious and absolutely sinful.

Go to a supermarket or a chocolate specialty store and pick out a chocolate, each of these exquisite morsels are packaged in to beautifully designed packages.

They are attractive, eye catching and meticulously crafted, but then sometimes the taste of the chocolate does not live up to  the packaging.

Godiva Chocolates

Chocolate humble beginnings start out as the Cacoa bean which is grown in parts of Sri Lanka, Venuzuela, Belize, Costa Rica, Madagascar, Peru, Hawaii, Fiji and other countries near the equator. Premium beans command very high prices in London, Amsterdam and New York and then their sold to manufacturers and Chocolate companies for processing. Once it’s processed then the job for packaging begins.

Each Chocolate Company or manufacturer such as  Lindt, Godiva, Hershey, Valrohna, Royce has a brand and identity to sell. Since chocolate is considered a luxurious gift and a treat, they are normally packaged accordingly.

However, like with every thing else there are a lot of new brands coming up to the market and trying to position themselves using the established brand marketing gimmicks but not living up to the same quality standard.

With the spread of graphic design tools, graphic designers skills, and amazing printing facilities, it’s becoming easy to create the most prestigious package for the most mediocre chocolate.

We grow judging every book by its cover and every product by its package, I guess the rules are changing.

I believe customers attitude towards the new brands will be negative and will be generalized. The customers will renew their loyalty to the trusted brands, which is a shame for new brands trying to get established.

But again you can fool taste buds only once, until and unless the quality matches the package, the customer will not come back for more!

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