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Modernising an interior space. Looking at the number of gadgets we all have, it is becoming an increasingly important issue for all space planning.

This doesn’t only apply to the home since we end up taking our portable gadgets all around with us; public spaces are also slowly finding solutions to help with this digital evolution. Regardless, our home is the most important space in your life as it is the only place that you can feel completely relaxed and comfortable in, so why not make sure it’s the best it could possibly be?

Following last week’s article about the different modifications that could be done for both new and existing houses, we now move into the technological aspects for an interior living space. Beside from the fact that we can’t imagine ourselves living without the all the gadgets, Internet has invaded our lives in the past 15 years, so it’s really just the beginning of it all. I remember science fiction films that would show intelligent computers that were capable of giving notifications for news, weather, status of the house, etc… At that time, it seemed out of this world!

all rights reserved to film

all right reserved to  film

all rights reserved to film

Not any more…

These days, it’s normal practice to have a home automation system. It is truly the most intelligent thing to do with your home these days. With the appropriate home automation systems we are able to provide an integrated system that will unite all your gadgets and also provide security and ease. Just look on your coffee table and count the amount of remotes you have, wouldn’t it just be easier to have one? With home automation systems, this is not only possible but it is so simple! It is also able to be synchronized  with internet to provide you with ease of communication. Your security system can also be linked, helping you know if the kids have arrived home or you left your oven on. Of course, all this doesn’t come cheap and the developers of this technology are very aware of this so that they have come up with a module system. The system answers to monitors and one universal remote in the house. There is also an application to turn your smart phone to be the mobile remote that you get alerts from and can even turn on the lights before you arrive home so you won’t arrive to a dark house at night. This system fits all needs and is easily installed in phases to suit you budget, whenever you are ready.

The system links itself to every aspect of the home including new technologies in the market that you might want to consider when you’re looking to modernise your home. Previously, I wrote about  sustainable lighting solutions as well futuristic innovations, this system would greatly help you save energy.

However, the colours of these lights also play a large factor. Chromatherapy is therapy using colours and full spectrum lights to balance the body’s electromagnetic field. We all have an idea of how certain colours make us feel a certain way, and this is exactly the study of that. Matter is not solid but is made up of light energy and using lights from the full spectrum is being studied to treat imbalances by focusing specific colours that will correspond to the same frequency of the specific organ/system. Many lighting systems have built in presets for different moods which have been defined by the same principles. Products have been increasingly launched into the market for use in all zones of the house.


These days, we are finding ourselves in a world of touch screens at every turn. Now, better technologies are becoming cheaper and more accessible to everyone. People are learning a whole new language, and it can be seen from the behavior of small children. They are fluent with the hand gesture language and are able to swipe through photos on an iPhone or double-tap to zoom. Touch sensitive surfaces is a technology widely shown on all science fiction shows, as tablet surfaces controlled all space ships and features in the home. As you can see, the home automation systems are designed with touch screen controls. For example, kitchen equipments are becoming more and more touch surfaces rather than stove tops with knobs. It might seem like just a designer preference because of how sleek it looks, but in reality, we like the flexibility of these surfaces. Imagine the stove, we will no longer have the stove tops sticking up and taking up space in a small kitchen that could be used as a cutting surface before the heating gets turned on.  The kitchen island will become more than just a breakfast counter, but will also show your emails, daily planner, and also cooking recipes when needed.


That technology is a little bit further into the future, but the facts remain the same. Touch surfaces are taking over, but you will find it more in living room/study room products. Existing products have been integrated in some restaurants and bars that there is a touch surface table that you are able to order your meal and pay at your table and be entertained by programmable graphic displays.

For your bathrooms, there are already digital touch sensitive screens that are synced to internet and will relay all information you need whilst you get up and get ready for work in the morning. It can even allow you to create your prefect outfit digitally without having have to try and retry everythingMany of these products and technologies are already out in the market for sale However; the prices of some are still quite high, it is important that you are at least prepared for. All these systems essentially require some additional wiring for power and LAN lines. Do think about these wires before deciding they are too unnecessary.

In the future, these technologies will be fully wide spread and there will be difficulty within an existing home that needs to basically be gutted to fit in all the wires to support the new features.

So, just take some moments to get prepared rather than have despair!


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