Playrooms today

Playrooms, whether it’s a space in the house, at school or any other public space are kids kingdoms.  They are difficult,  not easy to plan because they need to entertain, stimulate, and to educate the children in a safe and  joyful environment.

New Innovations in Playrooms

These days flooring of playrooms are mostly made of anti-bacterial materials that can be cleaned easily. Playroom Foam are normally highly engineered rubber elastomeric foam that is anti bacterial. It insulates floors and protects children from hard, surfaces underneath.

cushion tile

Even any cushion tiles are anti bacterial, tough and flexible enough to cushion any falls from running and tumbling kids.

Other new innovative flooring materials include interactive floors, with floor panels installed create sound and light and changing pictures as the kids steps on them. They are very efficient tools to stimulate and entertain a child. And even  encourage interaction , movement and visual stimulation




Children like to draw and create things, and what better place to do it than on their walls. Using a product like idea paint is the perfect solution. With this paint is walls are cleanable and the child can create, write, paint, scribble with no worries for clean up. The child’s room can become a canvas showcasing the child artwork.

idea paint


Ceilings are also a good way to stimulate or calm a child


These new innovations for a child’s room will take the children’s playroom to new level where a child can socialize, visualize, interact, and yet be in a very clean environment.

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