Recycled Paper=ART

We use tons of paper every day, from newspapers, magazines, stationary, and for designers like us, sketches, drafts, briefs and printouts of plans are cluttering every design studio!

Paper is still widely used considering that offices and schools are going paper free. We do our best to minimize our carbon footprint and try to use the least amount of paper that we can but with many things we cannot escape the use of paper.

To help with going environmental the only solution is to recycle paper. Paper should be initially separated from all other garbage, just like how glass and plastics should be. The paper is taken to a recycling plant where it is separated into types and grades. The separated paper is washed and then combined with water to create “slurry”. By adding mixing different additive, many products can be created, such as cardboard, newsprints or office paper. Then the slurry is spread using large rollers into large thin sheets. The paper is left to dry and it is rolled up and cut up and sent out to shops.

Recycling is not only for industries , we should be able to recycle artistically. Designers nowadays use materials around to create objects of beauty. And whether you are a professional designer or an artist at heart the following art pieces should inspire us to create objects of beauty from the simple paper.

The artist Jasper Johns once described art as, “Take an object. Do something to it. Do something else to it” and let’s create art!!


Fenn Designers; Sheetal Chailertborisuth

We have a pile of newspapers at home, why don’t we create a basket out of newspapers and store our newspapers for recycling?


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