WATCH OUT! (for signs)


These days we seems to be surrounded by signs, they even have signs that tell you where to find another sign, no kidding!.

From the streets to inside buildings, you won’t miss them, they are SOO important and SOO many they hide the place you are trying to find.

So, Why do we need signs in the first place?

There are many types, but for me the most important ones are directional signs, they are meant the help us get there without asking around (specially if you are a man and hate looking silly asking for the toilet,hahaha). But this basic functional requirement sometimes seems lost in the new signage mania.

Where is the toilet? How do they expect people to follow when some signs practically take you through a maze before it takes you to the right location; a case in point the sign for toilet at Suwanabhumi airport where you go through a shop to go to the toilet and the fire escape?!

But it doesn’t end here: there are some jewels out there that really make directions a truly complicated business.

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