Why shouldn’t a condominium be a home as well??

Let’s start today with a reflection: size isn’t everything some would say….but somehow, when it comes to living space…..I really must beg to differ!

Lately, I’ve seen a certain advertisement regarding some new condominiums that really gave me a shock. They blatantly imply, that it is okay for their condos to be so small in living space, because happiness simple does not require it. This notion was accompanied by an ad depicting a couple in bed with a note saying that even with 5 sq. m. next to your beloved is worth it, simply because happiness doesn’t take up space!

The fact of the matter is that these condominiums mushrooming in Bangkok CBD (Central business District) are raising questions about their impacts on Thai families lifestyle and well-being.

From my personal experience of condominium hunting in CBD Bangkok, adequate condominium living in Bangkok is really becoming so hard to find. With the exception of the super luxury ones which are in a price range beyond most people means, the majority of the new ones are practically more dormitory standards than places to live, cook, entertain, and raise even the tiniest family.

Obviously I’m biased. I was raised in a 2 storey house; front yard and back yard with lots of space. Condominiums automatically had always looked small to me. Regardless, condominiums these days have really become smaller and smaller with less and less communal space and facilities.  Condominiums with 300 up to 1000 units sharing same lifts, swimming pool, lobby …etc.

Take a sample floor plan of the condominiums nowadays:

We enter straight into the kitchen hitting a dining table. Then after that we shimmy around the tiny table stuck on the wall. Then it’s time to proceed into the all-in-one space that is living room, and working desk area. If you’ve got any strength after all that, there’s a bathroom through the walk-in closet. Oh, and let’s not forget the small balcony (where the A/C units are located) that may fit one seat with a view of your neighboring building where you feel you can shake hands.

I lived in Florence with the highest density of buildings from the renaissance you’d ever see, but here where the similarities with Bangkok density ends, the residences internal spaces small or big is generous and provide for a normal life style.

What bothers me most in addition to the skyrocket prices of these inadequate condominiums is the fact that people are being duped into believing that it is luxury living.

A lot of marketing gimmicks and glitters are used to dress mass housing into luxury condominiums but the reality is 200, 300, 400, …1000 units condominiums on a 2 Rai land with a minimum population of about 600 people is a far cry from luxury.

Don’t be fooled into believing these ads justifying exorbitant cost for inadequate mass housing,  These will be your homes people, your home. Not a small shoe box that you return to only for sleep.

Unless of course that is your intention.

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