Baby-sized bulbs

So in my earlier article, I spoke about bedside lamps for normal folks, then I got to think, how about ones for the little folks!

Kids have a whole different set of needs to adults; factoring their age-dependent capabilities, size, and need for safety, not to mention, a general heightened fear of darkness.

Let’s begin with the same list used as for adults:

  • The look
  • The type
  • The height/location
  • The bulb/ lux

The look of the bedside lamp for children is usually much more creative and playful that one that would be used in an adult’s room. The possibilities are endless!

Thelermont Hupton: Blown Up Lamps

Usually, with older children novelty lamps of their favorite cartoon hero or character from films are their favorites. These usually are made of  plastics, as trends usually fade and children outgrow them quickly. Also, there are popular lamps that are seen to have moving images/liquids to provide a calming experience under a dim illumination. We see this with the ever so popular lava lamps. They provide a dim illumination as well as a calming movement of water that won’t disturb the sleeper nor will it allow the room to be completely dark.

Talking about the type really depends on the child, although it is preferably to have side lamps attached higher up the wall or down from the ceiling. Children have a tendency do move around a lot at night and might cause involuntary accidents.  A new lamp design is very creative and solves not only the problems to the night trips to the bathroom but it surely does keep the monsters away.

The height and location of the side lamps for kids is more about safety, as I mentioned earlier I would recommend to really attach the lamp to a wall or ceiling and just have the cord within reach of  the child to ensure that the child does not injure his/herself by accident by knocking the lamp down or touching the hot bulb. Touch-sensitive lamps are very functional type . They are very easy to operate and provide just that little flicker of cool light.

Now for the final factor: the bulb; Children generally do not need bedside lamps for reading. They only need a dim light to be turned on until they fall asleep. These days, with the choices we have, LED lamps should be the preferred choice for parents. They  give enough light that can have features such as dimming and colour changing, not to mention, LEDs emit much less heat than other bulbs, providing a safer bulb for children.

So here it is, you’re ready when shopping for a side lamp for children.

Come back for my next blog on the next fascinating topic!

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