50 Shades of White

White, Pure, Clean, Simple, and Classy…

Everywhere one turns these days, it’s white or light,  We‘re already the middle of the year, Summer is turning to  Autumn and White products are the trend; they are everywhere you look; White Interiors, White Clothes, White Cars, White, White, White.

Is White the New Black? Black has been the dominant colour for ages, all products camera’s, computers, phones. But today, White, is the “new trend” color for this generation. Of course other colours are still in the market, but White seems to be the evergreen or everwhite choice at this time. Any product launched white gets the “limited edition” or “special treatment”.

There is a world of products out there but let’s narrow it down to the few relevant in our world of design, things that we use;


It’s cool to sport around a white notebook, black of course is the standard original colour. But this year slew of white notebooks have hit the market, so it has become the first choice for designers, because it is “cool” to have the newest and the limited version.


With the advent of all things white, the “cool” factor given to it. Why should the smart phones stick to black?

It feels good to hold this new, white, clean Nokia Lumia 900, its  frame gives a sleek and sophisticated feel to the phone. It is a nice change from the black variety. Other examples of the white phone out there are the HTC Radar, and white Iphone.


The Camera industry has joined the white bandwagon as well:

This is the Samsung NX100, from all those years of seeing only black cameras this is a ‘fresh’ look. There are several playful colours out there but since “White” is the new “Black” it is normally the preferred choice.

Source: Light location

White Interiors:

Minimalism anyone? Currently the trend these days is to go all white.. White as they say is simple and pure. White is recreated, so interiors are white,  with simple and pure lines, pure minimalism.  Light accents to portray a clean and new look.

World Wide Web: Most trends start out on the internet, and this is the first place where we can witness changes; Many websites are switching to White as the preferred color. As we surf the net, many websites are also going for the clean, fresh and bright look. Take a look at our Newly revamped website @ www.fenndesigners.com. We just launched it, and guess what? …It’s white. To portray pictures and emphazise our artwork, white is the perfect platform to present our works.

So who could have guessed that one day designers who were ALWAYS in Black will sport White as their preferred colour.

I call this the “IT FACTOR”.

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