Greening our Spaces

In my last article I had written about greening our interiors and the benefits of some of the plants for our surrounding environment. Both Interior and our exterior spaces  should be green and if we can all use green elements to design interesting interior and exterior  spaces we are contributing towards a cleaner air and a fresher environment.

Plants have the ability to oxygenate and filter pollution in any surrounding.

Public spaces can benefit enormously when designers keep in mind that  green simple areas help with the environment and lifestyle of  people.

Here are some examples of how we can use greenery in our exteriors.


Normally at construction sites, a wall is plastered with posters and this provides a barrier between the construction site and the pavements, instead walls could be transformed into a vertical garden, with greenery to provide a green freshness on the street side. It would enhance the landscape and make the area more pedestrian friendly. Making this area a mini park, where people can walk, sit and socialize.


Many a times the public spaces we spend time in are all indoors. We are subjected to air conditioning and the environment of the interiors. Greening the walls is an amazing example of bringing the outdoors in.  The ferns and different plants filter the air and makes this indoor public area a very clean and oxygenated space. A public indoor space would feel more like an outdoor public park.


Studies have shown as well, that green walls planted strategically can help cut pollution in cities by as much as 30%, contributing to a more cleaner atmosphere. The pollution is filtered out apparently not just on the street level but higher. There are studies showing that grasses, ivy and flowers on walls are also effective at cleaning the air as much as plants in parks and on rooftops.


Having more and more skyscrapers in a city, seems to limit greenness and contributes to the concrete jungle feel we live in. But having green rooftops, either just gardens or farms is just not helping the environment or filtering the air but also contributing to living sustainably and having your own fresh produce growing right there on the roof top.


Singapore Changi Airport is a fine example of using green in a public space. Airports are, in my opinion, one of the places where greenery and freshness are a must. Travel weary passengers can rest  in the oasis of green and feel rejuvenated. Greenery refreshes the atmosphere, is good on the eyes and psychologically brings about a feeling of well being.

If we, as designers can implement “greening” all areas, whether it’s interiors or exteriors we can surely help in cleaning up the atmosphere and help people living in them achieve better health and a better lifestyle.

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