Innovative Sockets

With Electrical Sockets, Electrical adapters, chargers, remote control dominating our lives I thought its time we start thinking what are the innovative ways out there that will help us incorporate all these so we won’t have to have extension running all over the place.

Kitchen Spaces

When designing a kitchen, we can never have enough power outlets!

kitchens require the use of more appliances and the electrical sockets are usually never enough and never where you need them to be. Here is a great innovation  THE “pop up” electrical socket” is sensible option for when one needs to use more appliances in the kitchen. A universal plug, when extra appliances are needed for various kitchen purposes. It can be hidden when not needed and simply with a press of the button, it can be opened and use

For IPhone users

 Especially when travelling, the thought of carrying several wires and adapters is a very  daunting thought. If a place could use a simple USB electrical socket, things would be easier as our phones or iphones could be charged anywhere.  How easy it would be to simply charge the iphone or ipad with this USB electrical outlet.

Universal spaces

Or what if electrical outlets had the option of the traditional socket plus the iphone charger. Then it could be used anywhere, for whichever gadget you have. It’s functional and no one would have to worry about wires and adapter

The Minimal electrical socketGoing minimal? This neat looking, still in the conceptual stage  electrical socket gives a clean look against the wall. It eliminates the need for a power strip as you can plug as many devices on it. But notice the plugs they’re different. But these can blend into any setting.

The “Green” electrical socketLast but not least, the “green” electrical socket. This saves energy  as the plugged in object does not have to removed. The plug has to simply be moved to a direction and the power outlet conserves the energy as it cuts the flow of electricity.  How perfect is that!

These few power outlets are attractive, minimal, clutter free and green and good to keep in mind when designing a space and wanting to use innovative power electric hubs or sockets.



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