LED there be light!

I was stuck in Bangkok infamous traffic jam, my eyes started hurting then I realized I was surrounded by screens, billboards, lights, lights, lights everywhere.

It’s LED lights; which is an abbreviation for Light-Emitting-Diode. They have changed the advertising industry and of course the interiors of all buildings.

Everyone is familiar with the types of lights we use everywhere in our homes, offices, hotels…etc. They are usually incandescent bulbs, fluorescent bulbs and halogen bulbs, in addition other few less common types exist as well.

LED lights are a specific type of light that has been going through a real revolution these days. The question today is, will LED replace all the other types of light bulbs?

Let’s see what is special about LED; LEDs are very small in size and come in a mix of red, green, and blue usually used to make white light. It is one of the most rapidly developing technologies in regards to illumination and projection. LEDs emit light in a specific direction which allows it to be small size and emit very little heat. In comparison, incandescent bulbs release 90% of its energy as heat.

In fact, Christmas lights around trees and our houses are indeed the most affordable LEDs in the market!

In design: interior and otherwise, there is a huge increase in the use of these LED bulbs.

Because of the different forms these lights come in, their flexibility and energy efficiency we  are able to use them extensively in interiors and in so many ways. The uses are endless.

As it stands, LED lights are slightly more expensive than the common traditional lights but they have very low energy consumption margins, an excellent colour index that makes the colours very bright and can last up to 10 times as long as fluorescent light bulbs.

Time to brighten up your living space with a simple fix. Changing the lights allows you to change ambiance at the click of a button.

Not to mention with today’s technology, you can control the colour of your lights with your iPhone or gestures that are captured by sensors around your house.

Interesting new developments include the thinnest screens called OLED screens which are expected to have so many applications. These screens are as thin as a sheet of paper and are very flexible!

In few years we’re not going to have to worry about pockets and purses to carry our phones because chances are that all major phone manufacturers will invest in production of a line of bracelet/watch versions of phones.

It makes perfect sense!

Smaller, thinner, and more durable lights are changing the way we see things: literally. All industries are investing in such technology because it will give them endless opportunities.

Just imagine; very soon we will not have to worry about how thick the TV is or how much space the cove ribbon lights will need. They will be as thin as a sheet of paper, it will be just something simple and beautiful to be fixed and doesn’t take up any space.

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