Pyrex: The Measuring Cup

Many products are produced and over time, they evolve. The pyrex measuring cup, has been a common sight in kitchens all over the world and it also  has had a small transformation, which in my opinion may have been unnecessary.

The Classic Pyrex Measuring cup first manufactured in the 1915’s was given a facelift recently. It was made with borosilicate glass and had red measurement markings on the outside of the cup. The user simply crouched down  or lifted the mug to eye level to assess how much liquid was being poured. Over time and after series of tests, it was found that bending down to see the level of liquid was considered  cumbersome and inefficient.

Thus, the new Pyrex Measuring cup was produced and marketed. The material used was  soda-lime glass and there were some slight ‘improvements’  made to the cup. The red measurement markings of the cup were moved towards the interior of the cup,  the user simply could stand and look into the cup and judge the amount of liquid inside the cup.

Every product  manufactured evolves over time, and sometimes a change improves the product and sometimes it is considered unnecessary.

As I have been researching, there has been many surveys taken in regards to the pyrex cup. There are people who still prefer the classic cup,  as they find that when pouring milk or any unclear liquid into the cup, the measurement is not accurate, and is inefficient. These people  go about looking for the classic pyrex cup in vintage shops, ebay or any place where the old stock is still available.  And there are people who think that this alteration is the perfect solution to the cup. Making it simpler and easier to view the measurements from a standing viewpoint.

In my humble opinion, the classic pyrex  measuring cup does the job perfectly well. So why fix something when it is not broken?

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