Wheat uses in Construction

Wheat is a major component of our diets. It is found in breads, cakes  etc. And since the early 1900’s scientists had developed many kinds of wheat that were resistant to cold, disease and other crop threats. As a result, wheat production has risen around the world dramatically, today Wheat is grown on more land area worldwide than any other crop and is a close third to rice and corn in total production.

Fenn Designers; Wheat; Sheetal Chailertborisuth

In addition to wheat used as human food and livestock feed, today there are many other uses for it;

Wheat Plastic, yes, there is such a thing!

Wheat plastic is made from wheat straw, the leftovers after harvesting the grains. The wheat plastic or “bio-plastics” can be found as polyethylene; The natural structure of starch is used in the making of these “plastics”. It can be found in cups, combs, wrappers… The benefits of using these “bio-plastics”  is reducing the CO2 emissions, they are bio-degradable, use less oil to manufacture, produces less waste, and benefits rural economy.  Wheat is an abundant and renewable resource.

Wheat plastic now can be found in kitchen wares such as plates , bowls and other kitchen utensils.

Wheat Roofing

Fenn Designers; Wheat; Sheetal Chailertborisuth

Used traditionally in Europe, these houses used any material to cover their shelters, heather, marsh grasses, sedge, reed and bracken. With the introduction of wheat in agriculture, the straw  then was used in place of the other materials. Today, this straw is still used in heritage places.

Used as wood composite in building materials

Decking which uses a combination of recycled high-density polyethylene and wheat straw is now available. It’s stronger, ecological and resists water absorption. As it’s made with recycled milk jugs and wheat straw, it is greener than the wood –plastic composite that’s mostly available.

Fenn Designers; Wheat; Sheetal Chailertborisuth

Wheat Wares

By the Company Wheat ware: www.wheatware.com;  the company is trying to reduce the number of trees lost due to disposable wood products, such as chopsticks, drumsticks, and these are products manufactured using wheat.

Wheat music

From using wooden guitar picks and drumsticks, music is now becoming “biodegradable as well. Made from wheat resin, music accessories are also going greener, being more sustainable and a renewable source.

Fenn Designers; Wheat; Sheetal Chailertborisuth

Wheat Skin care

There are so many natural products in terms of cosmetics out there. The wheat protein has amino acids which is beneficial for people with dry skin, by moisturising and nourishing it.

Fenn Designers; Wheat; Sheetal Chailertborisuth

Straw Particle Board

Wheat stubble or wheat straw can produce strawboard which can be used in the application of furniture, flooring,  a  foundation for lamination and kitchen cabinets.

Fenn Designers; Wheat; Sheetal Chailertborisuth

Paper wheat

The starch in wheat makes paper stronger

Fenn Designers; Wheat; Sheetal Chailertborisuth

Wheat Glue

Wheat starch is used as an adhesive on postage stamps and is used to hold the bottom of paper grocery sacks together.

Wheat is not only part of our staple  diet but is slowly becoming part of everyday things we use . Wheat products are sustainable, biodegradable and a greener option for products that we use everyday


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