Alfresco Dining

With the Rainy Season coming to an end, and the weather becoming cooler, spending time outdoors is a nice  change. Outdoor Dining  or Alfresco Dining is an enjoyable experience especially during this season.

Alfresco restaurants are especially popular by the riverside,the atmosphere is wonderful,  by the Chao Phraya , where the boats are zooming past and the ambience of the architecture of temples is dominant.

Al-Fresco restaurant are outdoor restaurants and theses spaces have specific design elements, where the material has to be chosen specifically for outdoor purposes. Bringing in a sense of luxury the materials chosen would mimic indoor materials and have qualities that ensures durability, and weather resistance.

There are quite a few materials used for the basic applications out there.


Ciao Resturant at Mandarin Oriental Hotel Bangkok by Fenn Designers

A few examples for flooring materials , the base of design are, Textured Concrete, outdoor synthetic or coated wooden flooring, stone, or  brick.


Ciao Resturant at Mandarin Oriental Hotel Bangkok by Fenn Designers

There are many materials for furniture, some examples are ; Aluminium furniture, aluminium is a durable material and is a great option for outdoor use.It is solid and does not rust with moisture. Powder coated steel and aluminium furniture- powder coating is a non toxic dry  powder paint applied which is more durable than paint. Stainless steel furniture, known for  long lasting properties, is durable and does not change with rain or any elements. Bamboo and Rattan are not waterproof, they have to be coated or in extreme weather taken indoors, alternate options are the synthetic bamboo and rattan, which are weather-proof and durable and are usually framed by aluminium.


The plush fabric used in Alfresco restaurant is the water-proof, anti-bacterial and dries quickly. There are many textures and there are many colours available to suit the ambience and style of the furniture.  These “fabrics” are  acrylic, polypropolene or any synthetic material that have been treated or manufactured for outdoor purposes only.


Outdoor lighting is commonly seen in street lights, water gardens, fountains and swimming pools. LED landscape lighting has become a popular choice as it’s an energy and cost saving option. Most restaurants and hotels have started using LED lighting, it can create any ambience that is required.  Solar outdoor lighting is an ecological choice.

Ciao Resturant at Mandarin Oriental Hotel Bangkok by Fenn Designers

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