A Businesswoman’s Hotel Room

Hotels started as temporary home for traders traveling across countries for business many decades ago.

Over  years  they have changed and developed with the trends and the demands of businessman. Style have changed, room sizes have changed and  technology is now omnipresent in every guest room.

One thing though I have found out is, despite the ever growing number of  business women traveling across the world, very little has changed in hotels and hotels guest rooms to address the special needs of women.

Clean, sterile room and very functional design with printed artwork  adorning on the walls is everywhere no matter which hotel chain you choose.

Why can’t rooms be more like home; introducing colours, warmer and softer finishes and a feminine touch for the business women would go a long way in making the long traveling hours and being away from home a more tolerable experience.

The Leela Palace hotel, New Delhi
The Leela Palace hotel, New Delhi


Most Hotel rooms basic amenities are absolutely geared for businessman, very little effort is put in thinking of what a woman traveler may need.

Hair dryers are still kept and fixed in drawers, hard to move around or use and sometime with no mirror in the vicinity!

And talking about mirrors, what’s the problem with these places, how difficult it is to have a full length mirror in the room?  How do you check your look before leaving the room.

Anyway it is changing very slowly, traveling recently to New Delhi, India, they have special rooms for women! Although I didn’t see major differences, at least they are thinking about it.

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