With all the information floating around on what actually constitutes a kitchen and the best companies producing newer and better appliances, it is becoming easier for new home owners to choose the best possible things for themselves! However, it is not only essential that you not only must look at the design and aesthetics but also you must consider very carefully the material used in your kitchen.

Material finishes begin from the floor, the counter tops, the cabinets,  the walls , the ceilings and even the white goods. Since the kitchen is the theater of the house where cooking, eating, washing …ect  take place, it is important that the area is well equipped.

Flooring isn’t difficult for a kitchen, it is important to choose flooring that is durable. Just consider what you need the floor to do; it would be unfortunate to have bad quality, porous wooden floors or carpet and you end up dropping a scolding pot of spaghetti on it! Just think about something that would be easy to clean, durable, and in the case that it breaks, can be easily replaced. There is an abundance of supply of homogenous  ceramic tiles that do a great job. Stones like granite and marble need to be very well sealed and would give a more luxurious look to the kitchen. Don’t forget skirting along the bottom of the walls.


Walls should be kept simple; paint will do just fine. Although, look into a semi-gloss option that would help to keep the walls easily cleaned in case of any splashes. Behind the stove, many people use ceramic wall tiles so that the backsplash from food would be very easily cleaned. Some other ways that would really do the trick would be to use glass or also stainless steel. These do not absorb grease and are resilient to heat.  On a feature wall – perhaps across from the breakfast bar counter, you could consider a green wall that would brighten up the space. Or rather you could begin a vertical herb garden with small potted plants for the herbs you would use to cook with.

Ceilings can be overlooked in many cases, but the important part to remember is cleanliness! Think about the simplest thing for you in case something flies out of your hand and splashes everywhere; would you rather have a simple flat ceiling painted with semi-gloss paint that is easy to wipe clean, or would you rather have an intricate cove ceiling that could gather dust and grease……see, you have your answer!

The use of high gloss cabinets finish glass is very much in trend. This is not only an aesthetic choice but also quite functional. Depending on your taste, there are so many options for kitchen furniture and  finishes. Cabinet doors can be made custom to fit all needs and preferences; personally I quite like an industrial looking kitchen. For this, there are stainless steel furnishings for the kitchen. The whole kitchen can be fitted out using a mix of stainless steel and some frosted glass to achieve this look; not only does it fit my preference, but it also is a very durable material and incredibly easy to clean. If another type of cabinet is your taste, have no fear – the choices are endless, but take care again about the materials’ durability and how easy it is to stay clean.

Apart from the cabinet doors, the counter tops in a kitchen need special attention. Take marble for example, often seen in many kitchens – but have you noticed exactly where it’s used?  Marble tops would be used rarely in any preparation areas but rather on breakfast islands or island bars. This is because marble is a s sensitive to acids and stains are practically impossible to be removed once absorbed. Notice that stainless steel is still a strong choice for kitchen tops in industrial looking kitchens. Commonly, granite could be found as the top material or also a lower cost option would be the use of ceramic tiles, which are still very good except that the numerous joints form a weakness and could collect dirt after long usage. Wood tops are occasionally used, but rarely in any preparation areas. Central islands can have a very elegant finish using wood, although beware of the regular upkeep needed!

New materials have been created that have revolutionized kitchen designs such as a solid surface material that is sold under different brands all around the world. This material can create a joint-less and free form shapes.  The solid surface material is very resistant and was made famous by the wide use of free formed kitchen islands by famous designers all around the world. Composite  stone and quartz are use as tops as well, these tops are essentially crushed natural stones that have been bonded together to retain the attributes of stone whilst reducing its porosity and create a more hygienic and durable material. So, it’s time to TOP it up with the best material you can afford.

Regardless of how small or big your kitchen is, it’s essential to make sure it’s just right for your needs. It’s a place you enjoy and most importantly it’s easy to clean and maintain.



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