Fire Safety is Everyone’s Business

Fire safety is everyone’s business.


Over and over again, I am walking in my home town wondering why are the basic health and safety rules totally ignored.

The level of education of our population is increasing rapidly, our life style developing fast, but our awareness of how dangerous certain things are is still shocking.

I am talking about fire protection in multistory buildings we live, work and shop in.

The minimum fire protection and evacuation requirements are not provided in a large

number of buildings.


Fire hydrant locked


Fire stairs blocked



Fire Doors chain locked


Fire route blocked


Minimum traveling distance between fire stairs, compartmentation. fire rated structure, fire rated materials, the right fire exit devices, sprinklers, smoke detectors, fire alarms are essentials. They must be installed in every building but most importantly must be maintained and inspected on regular basis to ensure they are always in working conditions.

Here are some essentials for fire protection to watch for when you are indoor, if you are considering buying a property particularly in a multi storey building;


Fire safety


  • Buildings must have multiple fire escape stairs, they shouldn’t be over 60m. apart.
  • Fire stairs must be either naturally ventilated or pressurized.
  • They should have a fire resistant steel door with panic closing device and lead to an outdoor space with the door opening out.
  • The stairs must have a minimum width of 900 cm. The stairs must be clearly indicated with a lit sign and not obstructed.
  • Fire extinguishers and fire hydrants should be in public areas and easily accessible
  • Fireman  lifts must be pressurized
  • In a high rise building a roof top rescue platform is compulsory
  • Handicap and elderly safe rescue areas are essential
  • Although you can’t check if the fire sprinkler and smoke detectors are working, see if they are installed then check with the management for the maintenance record before you sign the contract.
  • If you are working or residing in a multi storey building ensure fire drills are done on regular basis
  • And finally it’s your duty to ensure you are aware of the fire route wherever you are.

Geerati Tiasiri

B. Eng Civil engineering from Khon Kaen University, M. Eng LeedsUniversity in UK. Worked over 30 years in various capacities; As an Engineer and project director completed successfully many projects for both publics and private sectors, locally & internationally. Worked in Saudi Arabia, Sri Lanka, Laos, Myanmar, Vietnam, Cambodia, India, Oman, and Thailand.