The Future of the Architecture Profession

I have a tale to tell;

Once upon a time, there was a man who was so sought after emperors and kings fought to have him work only for them. He was called the master builder. He was a highly respected professional whose skills and services were the foundation of each civilization.

So what is a master builder and what was he doing that was so important?

Centuries after centuries, civilization after civilization, the master builder designed and built    pyramids, cathedrals, mosques, towns,and  houses. He was the person whose role encompasses;

 Responsibility for design—encompassing deep artistic abilities; drawing skills; profound understanding about how people live and dwell; art / design knowledge for actual shaping, constructing, all elements of the built environment (including buildings / parts of buildings, interiors, exterior landscapes, urban environments). 

Responsibility for construction—encompassing expert craftsmanship in the building arts; knowledge about how a beautiful building (or other environment) is built, as gained from actual construction experience; on-site project management (involving leadership, organizing / supervising workers, financial oversight, artistic discernment).

Complete and total authority on the building site—authority over on-site design / construction decisions; authority over all workers; unquestioned authority over the entire construction phase from start to finish.

When considering these things, one is able to see why this highly-trained professional, the masterbuilder, was so much respected in society.

Pre historians, archeologists, historians, sociologist and scientists of all fields study previous civilizations, their culture, economic systems, their social hierarchy and so on through the buildings and ruins that remain as testimony of their beings there, as some point in time in  the history of human being.

We travel great distances to visit and admire the work of theses master builders. They are the most important and in many cases the only remaining vestiges of a past we know little about.

Some of these ancients monuments built by these master builders are still a mystery as to how they have been put together in time where machines didn’t exist. We are still trying to figure out how the pyramids were built  with such geometric precisions, how the Incas built their monuments and how the StoneHinges were piled up the way they are.


Today however this professional and his role have changed dramatically to the point of no recognition.

The Why and How is the next part of this tale….

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