Glass Pieces

In an earlier article about glass furniture, I mentioned about the versatility and aesthetics of how glass furniture can brighten up your interior space. There is another important thing about using glass inside an interior, Accessorise!

Glass furniture have a great effect on any interiors because its transparent properties that allow it to blend in so easily. But, imagine all the furniture has been bought and all the interiors have been finished. Then, you find out things haven’t turned out as planned, and you wish that there would be just a few pieces that would make the space just a little nicer. Glass accessories is the answers, yet again!

Whether it is a re-adapted use of the glass to make a decoration or perhaps just a sculpted piece of glass, the décor can change the atmosphere of a room so easily. It doesn’t matter if the interior is completely a solid wood and dark looking room, the use of glass decorations will brighten it up! Also, worth mentioning is that glass is 100% endlessly recyclable!

Not speaking exclusively about the innovations already made to glass, there are some fabulous ways to  turn something so simple i.e. a jar into a light fixture. Now, start your March with a little spark of creativity: here are some ideas of fantastic and easily made decorations that would brighten any interior. Enjoy!

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