Recycled Aluminium=ART

aluminium_recycling; Fenn Designers; Sheetal Chailertborisuth

In every household we have an abundance of paper, plastic and aluminum. Aluminum products come in various forms, from the basic cans, foil to wiring, eyeglass frames, bicycle, some car parts, trays, ladles and other utensils.

In this series we have been discussing several materials that can be recycled and Aluminum is no exception, it is a very recyclable material.
An aluminum can has no limit to the number of times it can be recycled, by saying that throwing away a single aluminum can is like pouring out six ounces of gasoline. We throw enough aluminum cans to rebuild an entire commercial fleet every three months. Simple actions such as recycling can mean so much!
Recycling aluminum cans saves natural resources, energy, time and money. And being such a sustainable material , it can be recycled over and over again. So what do designers and artists do to recycle? This simple material can become work of arts by simple thought and imagination and the internet has so much inspiration that anyone can create a work of beauty with any material available.

The following are a few examples of what a bit of imagination and time can create using Aluminium:

green_gift_ideas._recycled_metal_daisies; Fenn Designers; Sheetal Chailertborisuth

Flowers in the can, made of aluminum cans, easy to do art.

Aluminium Foil: Fenn Designers; Sheetal Chailertborisuth

A discarded ball of aluminum can be transformed into this!

New York Designers Graduation Show: Fenn Designers; Sheetal Chailertborisuth

A lamp made by a designer completely out of Aluminum.

Recycled material clothing: Fenn Designers; Sheetal Chailertborisuth

Gothic looking aluminum can be clothing.

aluminium can art: Fenn Designers; Sheetal Chailertborisuth

Looking at this wall piece closely, you may notice that they are made of old aluminum cans.

aluminium busts; Fenn Designers; Sheetal Chailertborisuth

Sculptures by Alfredo Longo made from Aluminum cans. Ingenius!

Fenn Designers; Sheetal Chailertborisuth

Using dispensible pull tabs, this pendant light by Mauricio Affonso is a delicate and intricate work of art.

Aluminum is easily the most recyclable material out there, being a versatile and easy to mould product,  artists and designers can work with it; we should try too, and create a work of art.

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