Camp fun

Camping is a fun way to enjoy a vacation with very few amenties and enjoy nature to its fullest extent. Earlier camping has been associated with big bulky bags, gear and clothes, but all that has changed. Camping has become easier with the development of new technology that ensures products are light –weight, long lasting and energy saving.

There are several products out there which makes camping fun, They are designed to be convenient, easily stored and compact products; I was surprised to see the variety of what’s available to campers to use from;

Interesting Utensils:


The everyday cutllery is compactly packaged into a useful one for all tool.These utensils are designed in light materials such as titanium, for long lasting and lightness making it space efficient, multi-purpose and very convenient for camping.

Camp lighting

Adequate lighting is very important in camping. As with every modern convenience, lighting also been adapted to camping. These days LED lights are used as they are bright, energy efficient. And Light products are very interestingly designed, for example the image below. The light looks like a little spider with legs to attach around any object within a camping site. It can be attached to a tree branch, or any other object around the camp site.


Instead of wearing several layers,  fabrics  these days have been engineered specifically to suit the lifestyle or activity of the user .Whether it’s a simple hoody or a jacket, most of them are thin, light and stretchable.They are wind and moisture proof.

For Waterproof coating the fabric is sprayed with polyurethane on its inside face, a solid coating of plastic is achieved and allows vapour to escape. A few examples are HyVent, AquaDry, Isotex and more.

The waterproof Membranes, a layer of plastic such as teflon is created with very small holes that do not alow water to penetrate but allows for water vapour to escape.

These fabrics are then coated with a chemical which ensures when water runs on  the jacket it does not get absorbed.

Finally the shelter, The Tent

There are a variety so many variety, shapes and sizes of of tents, the choice is unlimited.

From a design point of view it’s gone beyond the boundaries of basic shelter to create as much comfort to the campers as possible.

The  fabrics used on tents vary as well; cotton canvas, polyestor, nylon to name few. These tents are all coated either with acrylic, polyurethane, or silicone, to offer the most protection from the elements. Tents are windproofed and waterproofed very much the same way as the fabrics. The tents are light weight and easy to carry.

But no tent is fire –retardent yet!

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